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Driving Emotional Connections with Multicultural Consumers by Facilitating Powerful Conversations At The Local Level 



In order to position Tres Generaciones within music culture (community, moments and events) and drive culturally relevant activity in the on-premise, we identified “Curators” in each of our priority markets.                    
Our Curators are versatile in their tastes, social circles, and recreational activities. They drive influence across a variety of industries but most of all they drive influence in their multicultural communities; tangible relationships and a social media following that wants to engage.

 They know the owners, bartenders, managers and staff. They are music insiders, throw parties, host events and frequent key music venues on the regular. They are movers of cultural crowds and embraced by the Trade as their presence, and friends who join them, enhance the scene.


Our programming wasn't just about parties and cocktails. We focused on building an emotional connection with consumers by uncovering and giving voice to the struggles and resilience of the local multicultural communities in which we activated. 

Our innovative Curator-lead programming included 3 formats, which activated once a month in each market, delivering a "party with substance approach" and unique local storytelling:

 1.‘The Meet Up”: An intimate fireside chat experience within a lounge on-premise account, where the Curator interviews a creator/artist member of their community to share their story of overcoming adversity over Tres Gen cocktails.

2.“The Get Up” : A high-energy cocktail party within a night club or upbeat lounge, hosted by the Curator to celebrate the resilience of the community and their ability to always “get up” even when faced with adversity. The event features musical performances, Tres Gen cocktails and photo moments.

3. And a larger scale party version of “The Get Up” which aligned to key cultural moments like Juneteenth, Pride, Mexican Independence Day with themed POS, signature cocktails and immerse performances.

The Tres Generaciones influencer campaign transformed local music scenes across eight markets, knitting the brand into the fabric of diverse cultural communities. Through the strategic use of Curators, the program initiated 78 intimate "Meet Up" chats and 78 high-energy "Get Up" celebrations, engaging over 800 influencers and reaching more than 18,000 consumers. These gatherings, amplified by 78 Meet Up photo posts and 78 celebratory video posts, resonated deeply, creating a series of hyper-local moments that celebrated community resilience and cultural pride. Additionally, the larger scale "Get Up" experiential events aligned with significant cultural moments like Juneteenth and Pride, drawing over 10,000 attendees and generating substantial PR involvement. This multifaceted approach not only elevated the brand's relevance but also established enduring emotional connections, demonstrating Tres Generaciones' commitment to authenticity and multicultural engagement.

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