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Revitalizing the Brand’s Presence Through Nationwide, Evergreen Ambassadorship 


In a market saturated with spirits, Rémy Cointreau USA (RCUSA) faced the formidable task of rekindling excitement and loyalty towards its distinguished brands. The ambitious goal was to establish RCUSA's inaugural team of Brand Ambassadors, dedicated to representing its unique spirits categories, thereby revitalizing its presence in both the on-trade and off-trade sectors.


Embracing this challenge, POPLIFE set forth to architect three distinct portfolio programs tailored to the essence of RCUSA’s spirit categories: Rémy Martin, Bruichladdich and Botanist, and Crafted Spirits (Mount Gay, Cointreau). This initiative spanned the comprehensive spectrum from recruitment and rigorous training to onboarding seminars, all aimed at fostering a deep connection between Ambassadors and their respective brands.


Recruitment & Onboarding: Identifying and nurturing talent who embody the spirit and values of each brand, ensuring they are well-equipped to represent their essence authentically.

Educational Seminars: Crafting engaging seminars that not only educated but also inspired our Ambassadors, empowering them with the knowledge and tools to engage consumers and trade partners.

Strategic Brand Programming: Developing bespoke programming for each brand, complete with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and diligent program management, to track and foster growth.

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The launch of the National Ambassador Program was a resounding success, charting new territories of engagement and education within the spirits industry. By handpicking 13 Brand Ambassadors, each a fervent advocate for their brand, and through the execution of over 3,000 account visits, we revitalized brand interactions across numerous touchpoints including 300+ distributor and sales rep trainings and engaging over 2,000 bartenders.This strategic initiative culminated in over 350 new menu listings or features within a mere six months, significantly amplifying brand visibility and consumer engagement.

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