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Reimagining Rebellion with Hate Couture


Diesel sought to revolutionize the fashion scene with its audacious fall collection, "Diesel Is Dead," intertwined with the provocative "Hate Couture" campaign. The task was to craft a launch event that not only introduced the new capsule but also encapsulated Diesel's legacy of challenging conventions and embracing individuality.


POPLIFE embraced this vision with fervor, orchestrating a venue takeover that transformed the launch into a multidimensional celebration of Diesel’s fall collection. Our aim was to create more than just an event; we sought to construct an immersive experience that would echo Diesel's ethos of rebellion and creativity.


Interactive Photo Stations: These weren't merely for snapshots; they were invitations to engage with the "Diesel Is Dead" narrative, allowing guests to become part of the collection's defiant story.

Custom Merch T-Shirt Print: A live, custom merchandising station where guests could personalize t-shirts, intertwining their identities with the Diesel brand.

Drag Queen Extravaganza: Leading an interactive drag queen experience, we celebrated diversity and self-expression, core tenets of the "Hate Couture" campaign.

Live Performances: Tommy Genesis and other artists electrified the atmosphere, their performances embodying the rebellious spirit of Diesel.


The "Diesel Is Dead" event transcended traditional fashion launches, evolving into a beacon of counterculture and a testament to the brand’s innovative spirit. With 1,666 RSVPs and 705 attendees, the event not only garnered significant interest but also fostered a community of like-minded individuals. The gifting of 137 custom products further amplified the message of individuality and defiance that Diesel champions.

The event's success underscored the enduring appeal of Diesel's provocative ethos, proving that in the world of fashion, Diesel is far from dead—it's more alive and rebellious than ever.

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