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Issue 004: Julian Cousins

Julian Cousins POP 07_edited.jpg

The P.O.P. (Portraits of POPLIFE) documents inspiring individuals who push artistic boundaries and strive for excellence in order to advance the communities around them. Uniting a wide range of talented creatives from diverse backgrounds, this editorial series invites them to share their passions and the impact they've had on the realms of hospitality, music, fashion, art, and design.


For our fourth issue, POPLIFE spent the day with Julian Cousins, the man behind the camera and behind our favorite cookies, LIGERS!


Read below to learn more about Julian and his never-ending creative process.

Julian Cousins POP 28.jpg
Tell us about yourself.
What is your company and title?  

I do photography under my own name, Julian Cousins. My cookie company is called “LIGER’S!”

All caps!

What do you (or your company) do? 

I take photos, and at LIGER’S! I bake “Miami’s best cookies” according to Time Out magazine.

Julian Cousins POP 16.jpg
What got you into
photography and baking?
Julian Cousins POP 17.jpg

 I got into photography when a friend traded me a t-shirt of mine he wanted for a Konica film camera. That Konica was the first

analog camera I ever used and it taught me so much.

I started baking when I was sent to Kelowna Canada for a Bon Appetit shoot in October 2019. While

I was there I had a chocolate chip that changed my life.

I got back to Miami

and tried to find a cookie just as good, with no luck. Shortly after, the pandemic started and I was stuck at home with nothing but time. So

I spent that time trying to perfect the chocolate chip cookie. I've been

selling cookies

ever since.

Julian Cousins POP 23_edited.jpg
How has your photography inspired your business?
Julian Cousins POP 24_edited.jpg

 Well, photography is my business and livelihood. For LIGER’S!, my photography experience has been invaluable. Being able to shoot my own product is great because I know firsthand how

important presentation is.

Julian Cousins POP 12.jpg
What is your passion outside of your career? 

Recently I have been spending any free time I have doing airbrush paintings.

They are pretty wacky and I'll probably never show them to anyone.

Even though I just started, I’ve really been enjoying making them.

What do you hope people notice most about you?

I hope people notice that I'm quiet because I'm anxious and nervous almost all of the time, not because I'm rude.

Julian Cousins POP 37.jpg
Tell us about what you’re currently working on.

I am working on spending more time doing creative things for the sake of creating, not for the sake of making money the way photography has become. More so finding something new that excites me because for the record, I am very much stoked that I can live off of taking pictures. 

What is it that inspired this project?  

The need for something new.

Julian Cousins POP 40.jpg
Julian Cousins POP 43.jpg
What would you tell your younger self?  

You have more time than you think.

Julian Cousins POP 49.jpg
When do you feel the most creative? 

I feel the most creative when… well, honestly when I am the saddest. I'm not sure how to explain the feeling but I think because creating is therapeutic for me, the two work hand and hand. After I've created something I feel better, or less sad. If I am sad I create something to feel better. It's a sick cycle.

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