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Issue 005: Andreina Matos


The P.O.P. (Portraits of POPLIFE) documents inspiring individuals who push artistic boundaries and strive for excellence in order to advance the communities around them. Uniting a wide range of talented creatives from diverse backgrounds, this editorial series invites

them to share their passions and the impact they've had on the

realms of hospitality, music, fashion, art, and design.


For our fifth issue, we took a trip to one of our favorite restaurants,

La Natural, to sit down with owner, Andreina Matos.

Read below to learn about the ethos of her business and

the inspiration behind it.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

¡Hola! My name is Andreina and I’m a Venezuelan immigrant in my 40s,

currently exploring creative passions in all aspects of my life.

How did you get into the restaurant business? 

By osmosis! One of the gifts the relationship with my

ex-husband brought to me was his love for food and the restaurant industry. It permeated my life so much that it inspired me to dive into creating spaces to host for myself.

What is the concept behind La Natural? 

 It is not a concept, that’s the beauty. For more than two years we were hosting at home, and while he was having fun with his sourdough pizza recipe I was in my element setting the tone to warmly receive friends and family in our space. Soon enough we knew our next restaurant needed to be an extension of our own selves.

Andreina POP OCONNOR 46.jpg
What is the inspiration behind the architecture/interior design
of the restaurant?

  My home in Buena Vista is the inspiration behind all of the interior and exterior elements at La Natural, from the walls, color palette, chairs, and wine glasses,

to my nephews drawings and ceramics of my own.

What do you want your guests to walk
away with from their experience at La Natural? 

Feeling lighter in every way possible, while hopefully embracing the honesty

and imperfection of the place. Our sourdough, pizza shape, and flavor are a reflection

of this, as wellas the low intervention wines not trying to become something they are not!

Andreina POP OCONNOR 23_edited.jpg

 Conceiving a business around the

freedom of being myself.

What inspired you to open La Natural?
Andreina POP OCONNOR 26_edited.jpg

To explore and enjoy life through everything that can raise my vibration;

be it food, nature, books, music, objects, people, spaces, etc.

What is your passion outside of your career? 
Andreina POP OCONNOR 48_edited.png
Any new exciting projects in the works?

Not right now.

La Natural is still a baby and I like

to savor things…

I am going slow.

What would you tell your younger self?  

What my mom used to remind me of very often... RELAX!

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