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Issue 003: Pres Rodriguez

The P.O.P. (Portraits of POPLIFE) documents inspiring individuals who push artistic boundaries and strive for excellence in order to advance the communities around them. Uniting a wide range of talented creatives from diverse backgrounds, this editorial series invites them to share their passions and the impact they've had on the realms of hospitality, music, fashion, art, and design.


For our third issue, POPLIFE connected with Pres Rodriguez: creative director, graphic designer, and co-founder of the beloved Peachfuzz party and Miami-based clothing brand, Andrew.


Read below to learn more about Pres, his inspiration, and what his short stint in the corporate world taught him.

Let's start off with your name and
what it is you do.

Pres Rodriguez. I'm a graphic designer, art director and creative director mostly.

What inspires you?

This might be cliche but really nothing inspires me more than my friends.

All the love, support and inspiration you'll ever need is right there.

What other hobbies do you like to spend time doing?

Most of my time is spent working, researching, and cooking.

You might still catch me at the bar or club from time to time.

Tell us a little bit about what you’recurrently working on.

Creative direction for Andrew is what is keeping me the busiest.

Working on next year's releases and a few things for Art Basel Miami 2021.

Any specific inspiration
you tapped into for this project?
Pres POP Selects 25.jpg

Day-to-day life in Miami will always be

the #1 source of inspiration for Andrew.

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What's next?

I need a vacation, yo. 

Any closing statements?

Tap in and listen to the universe.

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