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Turning a Simple Car Wash into a Miami Cultural Icon


Amidst the high-energy environment of Miami's Super Bowl weekend, the unconventional wine brand BABE aimed to capture widespread attention and engrain itself in the cultural landscape. The challenge was not just to be seen, but to become a cultural talking point, leveraging the Super Bowl's massive audience to create a buzz-worthy spectacle that resonated well beyond the event itself.

To transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, POPLIFE embraced Miami's rich car culture and its love for vibrant celebrations. Our strategy was to convert a mundane Wynwood car wash into a pink-themed paradise that not only celebrated the spirit of Babe wine but also tapped into the city’s penchant for Instagrammable moments. The event was designed to be a sensory overload of fun, freedom, and unapologetic self-expression.


The Wynwood car wash was decked out in Babe’s signature pink, creating a visually stunning venue that became a magnet for social media influencers and celebrities alike. Highlights of the event included:

Celebrity Appearances: With personalities like the Fat Jewish, Diplo, and Emrata driving the festivities, the event became a must-visit destination during the Super Bowl weekend.

Interactive Installations: Custom pink snacks, a branded vending machine, and a wine smoothie bar ensured that every guest interacted with the brand in a memorable way.

Permanent Transformation: The car wash’s makeover was so iconic that it permanently adopted the Babe branding, becoming a lasting monument to the brand’s impact.



The Babe Car Wash not only reached capacity but became a standout event of the Super Bowl weekend, transforming the local car wash into a cultural landmark. Key achievements included:

Extensive Media Coverage: From lifestyle to business press, including People and Forbes, the stunt garnered significant attention.

Social Media Explosion: Over 20 million views across various platforms, significantly increasing brand engagement.


Lasting Brand Presence: The car wash continues to operate as the Babe Car Wash, drawing visitors and fans years after the event.

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