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Recruiting the Next Generation of Agave Drinkers in the US 


Despite tremendous growth recently, Mezcal remains a new experience for many fans of agave spirits. As the #1 selling Mezcal in Mexico, 400 Conejos sought to introduce and democratize the premium Mezcal experience for the next generation of Agave drinkers in the U.S.. To that end, POPLIFE developed an immersive Brand experience that played off the brand’s Rabbit iconography and Mesoamerican lore to draw in target consumers and educate them on the brand and category once we had their attention.


We selected three music festivals in key Mezcal markets where we sent attendees down our own whimsical Rabbit Hole to discover the brand and experience the many flavors of mezcal, while staying in the full festival party vibe. Our Experience Design Strategy was to lead with the brand's playful sensibility offering a "way-in" for consumers who previously saw Mezcal as a stuffy drink meant for sipping within more formal occasions.


Playing off the brand's bunny iconography, we created a "Down the Rabbit Hole" themed experience.The 400 Conejos experience included 9’ tall color changing neon archway and vortex tunnel with music, rotating lights and bunny images that attracted festival goes from afar and immediately transported them into a new environment. Once inside, attendees could choose a unique Conejos personality card that best represented their festival vibe, grab a pair of neon rabbit ears, and take a shareable gif with their friends falling down the Rabbit Hole. In addition, attendees could sample the incredible liquid and bring home merch from our agave briar patch, learn about the brand varietals, or participate in our Silent Bunny Hop Disco, all while watching some of the festival's best acts from our roof deck. Each touchpoint was a content creation moment that enhanced their overall festival experience.

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The 400 Conejos Festival Tour transcended a mere promotional campaign, becoming a pivotal movement within the U.S. spirits landscape. Captivating 163,000 attendees with the allure of Mezcal, the tour engaged 19,000 consumers directly, weaving a narrative of tradition and modernity that resonated deeply across diverse audiences. Through immersive experiences and vibrant interactions, the festival achieved 5.7K samples distributed and 5K cocktails sold, alongside generating 2.5 million social media impressions. This robust engagement not only introduced the premium Mezcal experience to a new generation but also solidified 400 Conejos' position as a cultural and market leader in the evolving world of agave spirits.

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